Lordship Moselle Water Quality Training Session

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Saturday, 2 November 2013 - 2:00pm to 5:00pm

Friends of Lordship Rec and Thames 21 present...

River Moselle in Lordship Rec
Water Quality Testing Training Session
Training session for park users
Saturday 2 November, 2pm-5pm
Free entry - must register in advance - places limited to 12 people

Would you like...
- to help monitor the water quality of the River Moselle
- to learn some new skills and specialist information from an expert?
- have an opportunity (if you wish - its optional) to join a Lordship Moselle support group?

If so, please register now!
Send your details to : Dave Morris, Friends of Lordship Rec - dmorris@onetel.com


The Moselle in Lordship Rec always used to be a litter-filled, smelly and ugly ditch among the trees that few people went near. Our new river channel is over a year old, and its flower-lined banks are great for wildlife and look beautiful – see the info-board, between the bridges, designed by one of the Friends.

Around half of the flow of the river still goes through the culvert (under the path) - which has been kept for flood control purposes. The rest goes through the new channel.

In June 2013 the Council arranged some maintenance works to the river channel, pond, and to the entrance and exit grills. Main works included de-silting the outlet structure, removing debris from the inlet structure, and removing debris from the water channel itself. Workers used a vacuum tanker, a skip, a boat and go inside the concrete culvert under the path! The plan is that such maintenance will happen on a regular basis, maybe every 6 months.

Meanwhile the Council and Thames Water are currently implementing a 5-year programme of action to address water quality issues. The problem is that many homes, businesses and other buildings have plumbing misconnections which mistakenly send foul water into the fresh-water drains - these drains then feed into Haringey’s underground streams, including the Moselle. 50,000 Haringey homes have been written to and action is being taken to identify the individual sources of this pollution (417 properties identified so far) and to ensure property owners remedy the misconnections.

It has also been proposed by the Friends that we try to get some aquatic plants for the pond at the western end of the river, which may help capture some of the debris before it floats along the channel...

Its all an ongoing process, and the more we, as park users, are involved the better:

- helping to monitor the water quality at various times of the year
- educating the public about the river, its history, its benefits to wildlife etc
- lobbying and supporting the Council to keep the channel clean

So the Friends have now got together with the river charity Thames 21 to organise this training session on Saturday 2 November.

Please register if you are interested!