Moselle viewing panel at Coombes Croft Library

Coombes Croft Library: Do You Know What Lies Beneath It….?

Below the pavement, just outside the door of Coombes Croft Library, lies one of Haringey’s best known natural streams – the Moselle Brook or Stream.

Its name and its spelling has varied...

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Sewage fungus in the Moselle River, coating the reeds - Courtesy Theo Thomas, Thames21

The Moselle River is Telling Us 'It is Ill'

Sewage fungus is a clear sign a river is sick. It grows when the pollution in the river is bad enough to see bacteria grow so much that it forms long grey feathery strands and clumps.


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Three-spined stickleback

Three-Spined Stickleback

"Three-spined sticklebacks are the classic “tiddler” of British waters and many other areas in the northern hemisphere. There are populations in marine and freshwater with some migrating between...

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Glass eel, juvenile European eel

European Eel

"European eels (Anguilla anguilla) have a long and complex life cycle. They are a migratory, catadromous fish, feeding and growing in fresh water but returning to the sea to spawn. Their spawning...

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Small eel with eel researcher

Eel Research in the Thames and its Tributaries

"ZSL is monitoring eel migrations in the Thames and its tributaries as a result of the decline in the number of European eels returning to the UK.

"Eel Monitoring 2The European eel (...

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Stickleback drawing

Three-Spined Stickleback - Young People’s Trust for the Environment

"Three-spined stickleback: Gasterosteus aculeatus

"Distribution: there are eight species of stickleback throughout the Northern Hemisphere. The three- spined and ten-spined may be found in...

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