Lordship Rec

1864 Map - Copyright: Bruce Castle Museum (Haringey Culture, Libraries and Learning)

Lordship Rec, Tottenham

"The earliest map of the Tottenham area was produced by the Earl of Dorset in 1619 when Tottenham was a village and open country. This is a most unusual map an as much the orientation is south to...

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River Moselle source - Courtesy Theo Thomas, Thames21

Queen’s Wood – where the Moselle Starts, but Time Stands Still

There’s something quite magical being near the source of a river, whatever its size or location. It’s that sense of being at the beginning, with all that potential, just as the journey starts. I...

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Sewage fungus in the Moselle River, coating the reeds - Courtesy Theo Thomas, Thames21

The Moselle River is Telling Us 'It is Ill'

Sewage fungus is a clear sign a river is sick. It grows when the pollution in the river is bad enough to see bacteria grow so much that it forms long grey feathery strands and clumps.


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The course of the River Moselle on an old map - Courtesy: Bruce Castle Museum (Haringey Culture, Libraries and Learning)

Moselle River History on Lordship Rec Website

"From an account by Bedwell in 1613, in writing of springs, says ‘The second is called Moswell, which ariseth out of the bottom of a cellar of a fayre house situated upon the side of a high hill,...

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Kite labyrinth in Lordship Rec

Friends of Haringey Parks Forum

"Haringey Friends of Parks Forum is the independent and very successful umbrella organisation and network for the 30 local Friends groups of Haringey residents who are active in ‘taking ownership...

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Sewage fungus in the River Moselle

Sewage Fungus and Other River Ecology Issues

Sewage Fungus in the Moselle River. This now coats the plants in the water almost all the way along the section in Lordship Rec. Caused by misconnections.

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