Moselle Memories

Tottenham South Junction Signals Diagram - Courtesy Richard Hadingham

Tottenham South Junction Signals Diagram

"My grandfather worked for the Great Eastern Railway and was a Signalman at Tottenham South Junction (demolished 1969) from 1899 until about 1920. My father also spent a period there, from 1942-...

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Tottenham Signal Box Nameboards - Courtesy Richard Hadingham

Tottenham Signal Box Nameboards

"Photo of some of the Tottenham signal box nameboards in my collection when they were exhibited at the Walthamstow Pump House in 2005."


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Richard Hadingham as a young boy (c1954) - Courtesy Richard Hadingham

Richard Hadingham, Former Resident of N15

My name is Richard Hadingham. I was born on 1st May, 1945 at Clapton, E5, but lived in Wargrave Avenue, South Tottenham, N15 for the first twenty years of my life. At the age of five I started...

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Markfield Secondary Modern Opening Ceremony (page 1) - Courtesy Richard Hadingham

Markfield Secondary School - Opening Ceremony

"Gladesmore School (formerly Markfield Secondary Modern) was actually opened in September 1956; the article in question was dated 1958, reporting on the official opening ceremony which, strangely...

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Moselle Brook Outlet - Courtesy Richard Hadingham

Moselle Brook Outlet

"As I recall, much of the river (or 'brook' as we used to call it) flowed in a deep concrete culvert from roughly South Tottenham station to where it entered the River Lea at the south-east corner...

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Whit Monday 1925 - Courtesy Richard Hadingham

Markfield Pumping Station 1925

"The photo is dated Whit Monday 1925 (attached) and clearly shows the Markfield Pumping Station with its two chimneys in the background. That is my grandfather, George Oscar Hadingham, tending his...

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