River Lea

Tottenham and Forest Gate Railway - Courtesy Richard Hadingham

Tottenham and Forest Gate Railway

"Part of an original Tottenham & Forest Gate Railway map in my possession which shows the Moselle Brook in the final stage of its course towards the River Lea near Markfield Park."


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River Moselle Bridge - Courtesy Richard Hadingham

Moselle Bridge

"Eureka! I have just found a photo of the original bridge over the Moselle where it meets the Lea. It is a cropped part of a larger composite picture taken by my father from the banks of the...

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Richard Hadingham as a young boy (c1954) - Courtesy Richard Hadingham

Richard Hadingham, Former Resident of N15

My name is Richard Hadingham. I was born on 1st May, 1945 at Clapton, E5, but lived in Wargrave Avenue, South Tottenham, N15 for the first twenty years of my life. At the age of five I started...

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Moselle Brook Outlet - Courtesy Richard Hadingham

Moselle Brook Outlet

"As I recall, much of the river (or 'brook' as we used to call it) flowed in a deep concrete culvert from roughly South Tottenham station to where it entered the River Lea at the south-east corner...

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The view toward Lea Bridge from the north

The View from the Bridge: Lea Bridge Heritage

About the image: "The old iron Lea Bridge, built in 1820, can bee seen with two chimneys of the Lea Bridge Waterworks to the right (The Victoria engine) and to the left (the Prince and Princess...

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River Moselle source - Courtesy Theo Thomas, Thames21

Queen’s Wood – where the Moselle Starts, but Time Stands Still

There’s something quite magical being near the source of a river, whatever its size or location. It’s that sense of being at the beginning, with all that potential, just as the journey starts. I...

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