River Lea

Glass eel, juvenile European eel

European Eel

"European eels (Anguilla anguilla) have a long and complex life cycle. They are a migratory, catadromous fish, feeding and growing in fresh water but returning to the sea to spawn. Their spawning...

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Small eel with eel researcher

Eel Research in the Thames and its Tributaries

"ZSL is monitoring eel migrations in the Thames and its tributaries as a result of the decline in the number of European eels returning to the UK.

"Eel Monitoring 2The European eel (...

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Stickleback drawing

Three-Spined Stickleback - Young People’s Trust for the Environment

"Three-spined stickleback: Gasterosteus aculeatus

"Distribution: there are eight species of stickleback throughout the Northern Hemisphere. The three- spined and ten-spined may be found in...

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Green Walls Cody Dock

Citizen Action for River Health

The latest stage of Love the Lea is practical action – citizen action.

We now have our first teams of water quality testers across the London Borough of Enfield. 25 people have been trained...

Clean Water, Green Walls, Reed Bed, River Lea, Sewage Fungus, Waste Water

Sewage fungus in the River Moselle

Sewage Fungus and Other River Ecology Issues

Sewage Fungus in the Moselle River. This now coats the plants in the water almost all the way along the section in Lordship Rec. Caused by misconnections.

Lordship Rec, River Lea, Sewage Fungus

The bend in the River Moselle - Courtesy Theo Thomas, Thames21

Rivers, Right Angles and Wrong Connections

The River Moselle takes a zigzag course through Haringey, as if trying to escape our attempts to control it.

The straight lines and right turns of its route from Queen’s Wood to Markfield...

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