River Lea

Tottenham Parish in 1831 from British History Online

"Tottenham parish contained 4,680 a. in 1831. Its shape was roughly that of a trapezium, divided from north to south by the Roman and medieval way later called High Road, with a westerly...

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London's Lost Rivers by Paul Talling

Tributaries of the River Lea
The Royal Gunpowder Mills Canals - (Waltham Abbey)
Muswell Stream - (Muswell Hill to Palmers Green via Bounds Green)
River Moselle...

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Pymmes Brook at Fore Street, Edmonton

Pymmes Brook

"Pymmes Brook is located in North London and named after William Pymme, a local land owner. It is a minor tributary of the River Lea. The brook mostly flows through urban areas and is particularly...

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Tottenham Mills, Ferry Lane, Tottenham by John Bonny - original housed at Bruce Castle Museum, Tottenham

The River Lea and Tottenham: A Brief History

"The River Lea is often referred to as London’s second river and rivals only old father Thames in terms of its length and the way it meanders through several counties and many of the boroughs of...

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