River Moselle

Theo Thomas, Thames21

Theo Thomas, Thames21

Theo works for Thames21, a charity dedicated to working with people to protect their local rivers and canals. Theo started the Love the Lea campaign because the rivers in the Lower Lea Valley are...

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Plan of the Tottenham Quakers' Meeting House with a branch of the Moselle nearby - Copyright: Religious Society of Friends in Britain

Quakers' Meeting House in Tottenham

The 'plan' image was first published in “The Quakers of Tottenham 1775-1825” by Rita Collie in 1978 (by Edmonton Hundred Historical Society; and reprinted in 2007); it originated from the Friends...

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Tottenham Cemetery gates, latter 19th century - Courtesy: Bruce Castle Museum (Haringey Culture, Libraries and Learning)

Tottenham Cemetery

"A large cemetery, which makes up part of an open access area of land and habitat, along with Bruce Castle Park and All Hallows Churchyard."

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Artisan Cottages in Markfield Road - Courtesy: Richard Hadingham

Artisan Cottages in Markfield Road

"My paternal grandparents lived at No 51 Markfield Road, described on the map as 'artisans cottages'. This row of six houses were built by the Midland Railway Company c1894 and I think were...

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Tottenham and Forest Gate Railway - Courtesy Richard Hadingham

Tottenham and Forest Gate Railway

"Part of an original Tottenham & Forest Gate Railway map in my possession which shows the Moselle Brook in the final stage of its course towards the River Lea near Markfield Park."


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River Moselle Bridge - Courtesy Richard Hadingham

Moselle Bridge

"Eureka! I have just found a photo of the original bridge over the Moselle where it meets the Lea. It is a cropped part of a larger composite picture taken by my father from the banks of the...

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