River Moselle

One of the Moselle Brook's headstreams in Queen's Wood.

Haringey Independent: Oxygen So Low in Haringey Rivers Fish Cannot Survive, Thames21 Study Finds

"Rivers in Haringey are so polluted they do not contain enough oxygen to support fish, a study by a charity has found."

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The bend in the River Moselle - Courtesy Theo Thomas, Thames21

Rivers, Right Angles and Wrong Connections

The River Moselle takes a zigzag course through Haringey, as if trying to escape our attempts to control it.

The straight lines and right turns of its route from Queen’s Wood to Markfield...

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Tottenham Parish in 1831 from British History Online

"Tottenham parish contained 4,680 a. in 1831. Its shape was roughly that of a trapezium, divided from north to south by the Roman and medieval way later called High Road, with a westerly...

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A book, a website and occasional guided walking tours

London's Lost Rivers by Paul Talling

Tributaries of the River Lea
The Royal Gunpowder Mills Canals - (Waltham Abbey)
Muswell Stream - (Muswell Hill to Palmers Green via Bounds Green)
River Moselle...

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River Moselle in Tottenham Cemetery, Haringey, London. 22 November 2005. Photographer: Fin Fahey.

River Moselle

"The River Moselle, also referred to as Moselle Brook, is in North London and flows through Tottenham towards the Lea Valley. The river was originally a tributary of the River Lea, but it now...

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