Georgia Wisbey

Georgia has had the pleasure and honour of working with the sacred and magical willow tree for nearly 20 years now.... and for over 10 years Georgia has loved collaborating with and working for...

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Gladesmore Community School - Courtesy: Friends of Markfield Park

Gladesmore Community School

"A High Performing Community School - Awarded the Royal Crest by HRH Queen Elizabeth II"

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Markfield Secondary Modern Opening Ceremony (page 1) - Courtesy Richard Hadingham

Markfield Secondary School - Opening Ceremony

"Gladesmore School (formerly Markfield Secondary Modern) was actually opened in September 1956; the article in question was dated 1958, reporting on the official opening ceremony which, strangely...

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Sarah, Duchess of Somerset - Copyright: Bruce Castle Museum (Haringey Culture, Libraries and Learning)

Tottenham Grammar School and Sarah, Duchess of Somerset

In her Will dated 17 May 1686, Sarah, Duchess of Somerset, included the following:

“Also I do give and appoint the sum of two hundred and fifty pounds, to be expended, paid, and laid out by...

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Angela Baker, Artistic Director, Twisted Stocking Theatre Company

Twisted Stocking Theatre Company

Twisted Stocking has been delivering interactive arts to all areas of the community in Haringey, for the last 15 years. I am Angela Baker, Artistic Director of the
Twisted Stocking Theatre...

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