Moselle Villa 1965 - Tottenham - Copyright: Bruce Castle Museum (Haringey Culture, Libraries and Learning)

Moselle Villa, Tottenham

The Moselle Villa (picture taken in 1965) is situated in White Hart Lane and named after the local River Moselle.

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The course of the River Moselle on an old map - Courtesy: Bruce Castle Museum (Haringey Culture, Libraries and Learning)

Moselle River History on Lordship Rec Website

"From an account by Bedwell in 1613, in writing of springs, says ‘The second is called Moswell, which ariseth out of the bottom of a cellar of a fayre house situated upon the side of a high hill,...

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The magnificent Grade 1 listed Bruce Castle - home to Haringey local history archive & museum

Bruce Castle, Tottenham

"Grade 1 listed, it was Tottenham's manor house, and dates from the 16th century, with alterations by subsequent occupants. It was given the name 'Bruce Castle' during the 17th century by the 2nd...

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Moselle House, Tottenham - Courtesy: Historic Tottenham

Moselle House, Tottenham

"As far as we can ascertain this house was built in 1714.

"I have been able to access more information about this house than any other in the street thanks to previous research by an...

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The Edmonton Hundred area as shown in the Domesday Book in 1086 - map from 1820 - Courtesy of Enfield Local Studies and Archives Centre

Edmonton Hundred Historical Society

"The Edmonton Hundred Historical Society is a local history society representing the Edmonton Hundred area of what was Middlesex and is now North London. The area covered by The Society is shown...

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Tottenham Parish in 1831 from British History Online

"Tottenham parish contained 4,680 a. in 1831. Its shape was roughly that of a trapezium, divided from north to south by the Roman and medieval way later called High Road, with a westerly...

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