River Moselle in Tottenham Cemetery, Haringey, London. 22 November 2005. Photographer: Fin Fahey.

River Moselle

"The River Moselle, also referred to as Moselle Brook, is in North London and flows through Tottenham towards the Lea Valley. The river was originally a tributary of the River Lea, but it now...

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Brook Street Chapel, Tottenham - Licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported

History of the Brook Street Chapel

"A group of around eight individuals who had seceded from the Quakers met in the house of a Mrs Sands in Stoney South (now Stoneleigh Road) from 1838, and the Brooks Street Meeting House was...

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Brook Street Chapel, Tottenham

The Tottenham Memorandum

"Displayed in the Chapel is the Tottenham Memorandum, which was produced at the time of the division of the movement into open and exclusive factions - the Memorandum shows that Brook Street...

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Tottenham Mills, Ferry Lane, Tottenham by John Bonny - original housed at Bruce Castle Museum, Tottenham

The River Lea and Tottenham: A Brief History

"The River Lea is often referred to as London’s second river and rivals only old father Thames in terms of its length and the way it meanders through several counties and many of the boroughs of...

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Tottenham development from the mid-19th century

Tottenham: Growth after 1850

"The arrival of the Northern and Eastern railway in 1840 did not markedly improve communications with London, nor did new centres of population arise around the first stations, east of Tottenham...

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