1962 (1964) and Closure of the Sewage Works

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By Richard Hadingham, who grew up in Tottenham in the 1950s:

"1962 (1964) and closure of the Sewage Works: I think local people were really rather glad to finally be rid of the thick yellow/black smoke which the chimneys constantly emitted, not to mention the awful stench from the sewerage beds when the beam engine stopped working (1964). That said, from a personal point of view, I feel that Markfield Park was better in some respects during the 1950s. With a permanent Park Keeper always on duty, resident gardeners and maintenance men, the lawns, flower beds, rose garden, bowling green etc. were immaculately kept. The original play area would not now, of course, conform to present-day health and safety regulations, but I never knew or heard of anyone getting injured. The incorporation of the Beam Engine and Pistachios is one recent huge improvement, however. I was delighted to learn of the Beam Engine's restoration and have been back to see it 'in steam' a couple of times."

We thank Richard for sharing his memories. Please do get in touch, especially if you too have memories of the Moselle...