Artisan Cottages in Markfield Road

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Artisan Cottages in Markfield Road - Courtesy: Richard Hadingham
Artisan Cottages in Markfield Road - Courtesy: Richard Hadingham

"My paternal grandparents lived at No 51 Markfield Road, described on the map as 'artisans cottages'. This row of six houses were built by the Midland Railway Company c1894 and I think were demolished around the mid 1960s. My grandfather worked for the Great Eastern Railway and was a Signalman at Tottenham South Junction (demolished 1969) from 1899 until about 1920. My father also spent a period there, from 1942-1962, firstly under the London & North Eastern Railway and then British Railways from 1948. The signal box was situated very near to where the Moselle entered the Lea. Here is a photo of my father (b1905) and his elder sister (b1900) standing outside No. 51 Markfield Road c1908."

By Richard Hadingham, who grew up in Tottenham in the 1950s. We thank Richard for sharing his memories. Please do get in touch, especially if you too have memories of the Moselle...


How fabulous that Richard still has this material and is willing to share it with us.