Luke Howard - 'Weatherbrain'

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Portrait of Luke Howard
Portrait of Luke Howard

"Luke Howard was born November 28th, 1772 in London. Howard was never a trained meteorologist or scientist, but he was a real weather enthusiast with a lifelong interest in meteorology. For more than 30 years he maintained a record of accurate thermometer and barometer readings and visual observations. Howard was an amateur meteorologist and the man whom we must credit with nothing less than being the father of our modern cloud classification system.

"The beginning of the Nineteenth Century was characterised, by significant scientific milestones and it was the time when scientists started to sort and classify their findings and observations. The Swedish taxonomist Carl von Linne (Linneaus) published his classification scheme for plants and animals, inspiring other scientists and naturalists to develop similar classifications for other fields.

"Clouds were simply described by their colour or form, often as the farmers or sailors saw them, such as dark, white, woolly, buttermilk or mackerel skies. They were believed to be too changeable and short-lived to be classified."