Moselle House, Tottenham

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Moselle House, Tottenham - Courtesy: Historic Tottenham
Moselle House, Tottenham - Courtesy: Historic Tottenham

"As far as we can ascertain this house was built in 1714.

"I have been able to access more information about this house than any other in the street thanks to previous research by an unknown person.

"I was most surprised to find out that at one time it was a school kept by the Misses Lindsey as an establishment for ‘young ladies’

"This house lies well back from the road with a shared carriage drive. The reason for this house and the house next door laying so far back from the road is because the Moselle stream runs in front of the house, this stream is now culverted and out of sight. The house is well proportioned and has a proud plaque stating its name for all to see. Unlike many other houses in the High Road the entrance is on the side in Church Road. Internally the house retains most of its decorative plaster ceiling features, plus the windows still have internal wooden shutters."