The Old Co-op in Tottenham

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"The old Co-op in Tottenham was situated on the west side of Tottenham High Road and stood on the corner of Ipplepen Road. It had double-fronted windows with two main entrance and exit doors between. Known colloquially as 'The Stores' or LCS. Had black and white marble slab flooring in a diamond pattern which was usually spread with a thin layer of sawdust. The counters, shelves and other internal fittings were beautifully and elaborately constructed of dark wood. It was a fabulous Edwardian building, clad on the outside with attractive dark green tiles, similar to the ones used on some London Underground stations from the same period. I have never been able to locate a photograph of the place, either internal or external, although I understand that the London Co-operative Society archive is held by the Bishopsgate Institute (near Liverpool Street station), so they may have one or two. Must investigate further one day! My parents were regular customers and their Co-op divident number was 141887.

"The co-op is the last shop in the parade, [and ...] was only a 2 storey building, unlike the others in the row. [..]I believe this was, [...] on the corner of Highweek Road. The building to the far left was, I'm almost certain, originally Freegard's Dairy before it became Pat Hanlon's cycle shop. Mr & Mrs Freegard were a very old-fashioned elderly couple who came from Leicester and I used to pop in occasionally for a jar of honey. My mother and father wouldn't go in there because it was a lot more expensive than the Co-op, or so they reckoned. Rationing was still partially in operation right up until about 1954 and we had to go to a big building near South Tottenham Station (part of which is now the Dutch House) to obtain our ration books."

By Richard Hadingham, who grew up in Tottenham in the 1950s. We thank Richard for sharing his memories. Please do get in touch, especially if you too have memories of the Moselle...