Tottenham Cake Recipe

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Tottenham Cake with its distinctive pink icing
Tottenham Cake with its distinctive pink icing

As seen on The Great British Bake Off: broadcast Tuesday 17 September 2013 on BBC2 at 8pm.

Peter Brown's Recipe

Peter Brown is a local historian and is associated with the Friend's Meeting House in Tottenham (Quakers). High street chain Greggs the Bakers have their own recipe.

Quantities as for a 7" round tin (38 square inches)
Cooking margarine - 6 oz
Caster sugar - 6 oz
Eggs - 3
Self-raising Flour - 8 oz
Vanilla essence - a teaspoonful
Grated nutmeg (if desired) - a little
Mix margarine and sugar (as for Madeira cake)
Beat eggs and mix in
Fold the mix into the flour
Add vanilla, nutmeg and mix well
Add milk as required to form a 'dropping' consistency
Pre-heat oven and bake at 150°C for 50 minutes
To achieve a flat-top cake, cover with foil.

This is either lurid pink or shocking pink.
Icing sugar
Mulberry juice - from the Friend's Mulberry Tree, (or Blackcurrant, or Cherry)
Add Lemon juice if desired
Coat the cake with a weak mix of icing sugar and warm water, and allow to soak in
Coat the cake with the lurid icing
Grated coconut was always sprinkled over the icing but invariably caused problems for most Quakers with false teeth,as the coconut would get stuck. This should not pose a problem for most people these days.

Tottenham Cake used to be a children's cake. It was cut into squares and these were sold for one penny, ie, less than half our present penny. End pieces might be sold for half a penny.