Tottenham Parish in 1831 from British History Online

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"Tottenham parish contained 4,680 a. in 1831. Its shape was roughly that of a trapezium, divided from north to south by the Roman and medieval way later called High Road, with a westerly projection from the north-west corner around Wood Green. High Road, along which most early settlement took place, entered the parish nearly 3½ miles from London and continued northward for more than 2 miles; the centre of Wood Green lay about 6 miles from London. Tottenham, which occurs in Domesday Book, was often known as Tottenham High Cross, from the medieval wayside cross in High Road. Wood Green, recorded in 1445, existed as a separate local government unit from 1888 until 1965. The two districts are widely known as the respective homes of Tottenham Hotspur football club and of the Alexandra Palace. From the late 19th century the south-western corner of Tottenham contained part of the new suburb of Harringay."