The View from the Bridge: Lea Bridge Heritage

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The view toward Lea Bridge from the north
The view toward Lea Bridge from the north

About the image: "The old iron Lea Bridge, built in 1820, can bee seen with two chimneys of the Lea Bridge Waterworks to the right (The Victoria engine) and to the left (the Prince and Princess engine). In the foreground is Middlesex Wharf, now part of North Millfields.The buildings on the right were demolished after catostrophic flooding early in the twentieth century."

"This site describes the built and natural environment of the Lea Bridge area in East London. This is an undervalued and little understood area that, nevertheless, possesses a rich history with many surviving buildings and features of historic and architectural significance.

"The website is a 'work in progress', designed to inform and educate; promote debate; and influence decision making.

The site is founded on the belief that history and heritage should be given a higher priority in decisions that affect the area in order to avoid unncessarily harmful or ill-informed change. It is not about promoting heritage as all important, nor is it against positive change."