Haringey Libraries Tour

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Coombes Croft Library, N17
Coombes Croft Library, N17
Saturday, 9 November 2013 (All day) to Monday, 19 May 2014 (All day)

A 'potted' history of the Moselle running it's course through the heritage of Haringey from 1619 to the present day.

We look at the fertile countryside and the fresh waters of the Moselle attracting skills from multicultural artisans worldwide. There were many home-grown traditional crafts that benefited from the wealth of natural raw materials fed by our river. Hence the growth of tile, brick and pottery family industries, the use of willow weaving in the farming communities and the migration of social reformists (Quakers) bringing our girls into the workforce through the power of the 'needle and thread'.

Haringey was both a 'buffer' and a 'hotspot' of shared industries and trade filtering in to 'London Town' markets....


9 November - 2 December - Marcus Garvey Library
2 December - 9 December - St Ann's Library
9 December - 7 January - Hornsey Library
7 January - 3 February - Bruce Castle Museum
3 February - 24 February - Coombes Croft Library
24 February - 10 March - Alexandra Park Library
10 March - 7 April - Coombes Croft Library (including lectures as well as the schools workshops)
7 April - 5 May - Wood Green Central Library
5 May - 19 May - Highgate Library