Moselle Walk from Markfield Park to Lordship Rec

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Beam Engine and Museum in Markfield Park, N15
Beam Engine and Museum in Markfield Park, N15
Saturday, 14 September 2013 - 10:00am to 1:00pm

This mostly hidden river runs west to east through Haringey from Queen’s Wood to Markfield Park.

On this occasion we will take the route from east to west to soak up the historical remnants on the Tottenham High Road eastern side of the walk following the river for 3 miles from Markfield Park to Lordship Rec.

Meet 10am at Markfield Park Café

‘A River - Runs Through It’ Project is working with local people to raise awareness of our river, its history, some of the crafts & industries fed from its banks.
Twisted Stocking Theatre Company has been exploring how the Moselle has influenced the growth of Haringey’s communities with 8 Haringey schools, 5 Friends of Parks Groups & Day Care Centres.

10.00 Markfield Park, grab coffee & cake at the café
10.15 Markfield Beam Engine Museum (by cafe)
10.20 Talk by Ken Brereton, Beam Engine Trustees Chairman - ‘Parallel Beam Engine Solves Tottenham’s Sanitation Epidemic’
10.40 Walk kicks off
10.55 Martin Ball, Chair of Friends of Down Lane Park - 'The River Moselle Energising the Future of Down Lane Park’
11.05 Tamar Way
11.20 Scotland Green
11.35 Moselle excavation works (‘Display and Tea’) with Eleni Markou (Coombes Croft Library)
12.00 Bruce Castle Museum, Project Installations
12.20 Tottenham Cemetery, Lake of Remembrance
12.50 Lordship Rec - talk by Dave Morris (‘Bridge over the Moselle’)
13.00 Finish at Harmony Gardens, Back2Earth Café

After the walk, enjoy Horticultural Green Fair at Lordship Rec, plus Dog Show, Health Well-Being events (12-5)
Walk Leader: Chris Barker
Contact: Angela 07594 288566