Singing the 'Tottenham Toad' at Bruce Castle

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Singing the 'Tottenham Toad' at Bruce Castle - Photo by Tony Gay
Singing the 'Tottenham Toad' at Bruce Castle - Photo by Tony Gay
Friday, 26 April 2013 - 12:00am to 4:00pm

"The Tottenham Toad came walking up the road,
With his feet swimming in the sea,
'Pretty little squirrel with her tail in a curl,
They've all got a wife, but me.'
I married me a wife to join my life,
She soon wished I were dead.
In about six weeks we had a little quarrel
And she pulled all the hair out of my head."

The recording of the 'Tottenham Toad' Project Anthem at Bruce Castle Museum. Noel Park in the blue uniforms and St Francis De Sales In the burgundy Uniforms came together to compare versions, then sing together celebrating the presence of the River Moselle nearby in Tottenham Cemetery.

This 400-year-old song represents the presence of the courtship of a Tottenham lad ('toad'), who falls for a country girl from Enfield ('squirrel'), But the river Moselle keeps flooding its banks forcing him the wade through high waters to make it work! This recording will be stored for archival evidence for Schools, Museums and Project Website. Let's Celebrate Haringey's hidden river.


Great pics of the kids inside the willow sculptures!