Georgia Wisbey

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Georgia has had the pleasure and honour of working with the sacred and magical willow tree for nearly 20 years now.... and for over 10 years Georgia has loved collaborating with and working for Angela, and her amazingly creative and committed projects working throughout North London, especially respecting her project The River Runs Through It, weaving history and creative expression throughout her local community.

"Through this project, Angela also brought the focus on other natural resources in the area - the clay beds - again it was a pleasure to work with other local artists, the children and community with this. I also loved her commitment to explore the history of local industrial and community endeavour, which was highlighted by offering younger and older local residents alike the opportunity of working with textiles – printing and creating patchworks – creating amazing pieces of collaborative art which are displayed in the local museum, Bruce Castle, and being toured throughout Haringey`s libraries.

"I believe that working creatively helps to lead us towards greater choices in all aspects of our lives."