Scotland Green

Moselle Memories: Interview with Derek Lewis

Derek Lewis was born and brought up in Tottenham. He has worked at H Glickman Ltd on Tottenham High Road since he began there as an apprentice. He has a keen interest in local history and...

Flooding, Moselle Memories, Scotland Green, Tottenham

Portrait of Luke Howard

Luke Howard - 'Weatherbrain'

"Luke Howard was born November 28th, 1772 in London. Howard was never a trained meteorologist or scientist, but he was a real weather enthusiast with a lifelong interest in meteorology. For more...

Clouds, Howard Family, John Constable, Local History, Luke Howard, Meteorology, Scotland Green

Tottenham Parish in 1831 from British History Online

"Tottenham parish contained 4,680 a. in 1831. Its shape was roughly that of a trapezium, divided from north to south by the Roman and medieval way later called High Road, with a westerly...

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